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On the Surface



1 Samuel 16:7
English Standard Version (ESV)
7 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

I love that God finds my beauty on the inside and not on the surface. Sometimes it’s not a pleasant experience to look in the mirror because time is not forgiving and gravity takes it’s toll. Some people are blessed to have a good genes and they retain their figure and youthful look but for most of us, it’s a daily struggle to be one of ‘the beautiful people’.

Often, a thought builds in my mind and I feel led to share what ends up becoming a full article. Sometimes, I am fueled by outrage at a current event and have to address it immediately. There are times though, where a subtle conversation or comment shared in passing is repeated over the course of time. When this happens, I know I have received a prompting from God to share what He is revealing to me.

I spend some time, not by choice, at the dermatologist several times a year reversing sun damage in the hopes to prevent skin cancer from surfacing. As a teen, I spent hours soaking in the sun as I tried to obtain a golden tan. Unsuccessful in most attempts, I would end up suffering from burns and the resulting peels that revealed only freckles and no tan. Unfortunately, I never learned and repeated this process so much over the years that now I have to reverse the damage that took years to build. Frequently, the damage to cells in your body take place years before the evidence of the resulting skin cancer can be seen. I’ve been told that typically, the length of time from initial damage to visible results can span ten years. I think there’s a lesson to learn here….(besides the obvious of avoiding sun damage). How long does it take for damage to reach the surface?

In casual conversation, I mentioned to a friend that she has flawless skin and she looked really great. After thanking me for the comment, which was genuine admiration, she clouded for a second before she said that my compliment made up for years of feeling ugly because she couldn’t tan. She was always more pale than her friends and didn’t feel like one of the “beautiful people.” I can relate because I’m so pale that I can literally blind people from the sun’s reflection off my skin. I felt immediately humbled to receive a glimpse into what had been years of suffering that my friend had experienced. In her case, she has emerged as the recipient of flawless and youthful skin because she avoided the sun. The feeling of beauty is only skin deep though because the feeling of inadequacy runs deeper than the surface.

Later, the same week, I was talking to another friend and somehow the conversation turned to her years of feeling invisible. In her youth, she had been heavier and always felt as if she was completely invisible to the world. As she matured, she lost weight and became more comfortable with herself so that people started noticing her. The attention she received could have easily gone to her head but she knew that regardless of what she looked like, the real person could only be known from the inside out. She said it was eye opening to see that people want to associate with those they perceive to be beautiful, so much so, that sometimes it’s hard to know who your real friends might be.

How many other people feel like this? How many neighbors, co-workers or relatives are suffering from what lies below the surface? If it takes ten years for some skin cancers to surface, how long does it take for emotional scars or feelings of inadequacy to become apparent? How many people do you know who are suffering in silence? Are you someone who has a hidden hurt? It’s such a comfort to know that there is One who looks past the surface and not only knows the real you but who can also hold and heal those secret scars. God knows you and He loves you! Psalm 139:13 New International Version (NIV) says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” How awesome is that! Not only does God see you and know you, He is the one who created the inner most you. He formed your soul and knows your secret thoughts and painful past. Turn those hurts that you have held on to for years over to Him and let Him free you from long held feelings of inadequacy.

“For man looks on the outside but God looks on the heart!”


Cross Dressing Transgender Day – I’ve heard it all!



Wow and wow! The precious innocence of our babies is being molded in such a twisted fashion! Did we get to this point overnight? If that is what you believe then you are sadly mistaken. With every television show targeting cross dressers for various reasons, starting with Bosom Buddies in the early 1980’s, and then gradually adding elements so that today’s Modern Family not only embraces homosexuality but supports the family unit of gay parents with children.

If adult Americans can so easily be graduated to acceptance of unBiblical, homosexual lifestyle by integration to society through comedy, then, by all means, educators with their own agenda will seek to mold the future generation from the very moment they can get their hands on their little minds. Do you see how the progressives work? If little Johnny wears a dress to school because of transgender day and he seems to enjoy it, then surely he must be a girl trapped in a boys body. Do you see where this is headed? Parents: guard your precious babies. Protect the lives that God has entrusted to you by teaching them what is right and what is wrong. Do not allow the standards of man to replace the standards of God.

Proverbs 22:6
New International Version (NIV)
6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Speak No Evil…..See No Evil….Hear No Evil….


imageSome of my friends, and sadly, family think that opinions should be kept to oneself, but I have a different opinion.  I believe that God gives us wisdom to discern right from wrong and it is not only ok to share truth about uncovered wrong, it is also our responsibility to do so.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 tells us that people want to believe in something.  Right or wrong, people will form opinions and listen to the one person who supports that opinion. “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”  It does not take much effort to see some of the crazy and bizarre things that people support.  Turn on the television, open a magazine or boot up the internet and you are confronted with opinions presented as fact.  There is one popular commercial that presents a gullible woman (stereotype) who has a date with someone claiming to be French but whose obvious connection to France comes only in the form of a french fry.  Her statement to support her belief in her date’s nationality is that she read it on the internet and everything on the internet is true.  The commercial is a strong comedic but ironic statement that defines our culture.  We tend to believe without proof.

I’ve always been the polar opposite of that statement.  In fact, I have often been told that I should have been born in Missouri, the Show Me State.  I want to know the truth and see the supporting evidence….and so should you!  As a Christian, it is our responsibility to be God’s voice in the world to share His truth.  Part of this action, is to stand in the gap and be the watchmen on the wall who cry out to those around us and warn against obvious wrong.  It’s much easier to be like the little monkeys in the picture above and pretend that we don’t see or hear what is happening in our country and world.  It’s certainly more comfortable to fly under the radar and remain a bystander.  Would anyone willingly choose to be the “freak” in the office who has strong political and religious views?  Would anyone want to be avoided and not included in social gatherings because it’s known where they stand?  Of course not.  People want to be included.  It is not easy to stand in the gap and be vocal because undoubtably there is a risk of being ridiculed or labeled a fanatic.  There are not many who would choose put themselves out there like that as is evidenced by the lack of truth in the media.  There is a preponderance of lies, half-truths and dribble that is being broadcast and it is being met with a very small offset of moral and Godly wisdom.

Where are the men and women who know right from wrong?  Are their heads in the sand or are they like the monkeys who simply just want to pretend that they do not know.  I find it amazing that friends will post pictures of cartoons or statements about their trip to the grocery store on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but they absolutely will not give an opinion about the atrocities that are happening around us.  The most vocal people, by far, are the atheists, homosexuals and progressive leftists who are adamant about their false truths.  We, those of us who are Christians…..We, those of us who know the TRUTH, the LIGHT and the WAY……we are silent.  It’s time to wake up.  It’s time to rise up.  It’s time to speak up.  Take the tape off of your mouth, the blinders off of your eyes and the cotton out of your ears.  Now is the time, before it’s too late.

James 4:17, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”  Enough said!