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Two Words



There are two words that I’ve really grown to dislike. I might even go as far as to say that I detest and resent them. Used separately they are fine and normal words, but combined they convey restrictions that God never intended to be placed upon man.


These two words have become such a source of irritation to me that I feel the necessity to expose why we should not strive to be politically correct. When someone you know is suffering, shouldn’t you be able to pray with them or express that you are praying for them? Prayer is my first action when I hear of a loved one or friend in need, however my second thought is to make sure the expression of this action might not offend anyone within hearing distance. When a conversation at work turns to a theoretical hopefulness of eternal life, why are we not allowed to simply speak up and assure our co-workers that eternal life is not only a hope but rather a promise if we only believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ? Why are churches feeling the need to change their charters to reflect the belief that marriage is an act between a man and a woman? Why have schools taken prayer and God out of school? Why do we limit and silence the beliefs of many in order to pacify the few?

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – that’s why. And I’ll take it a step further and say that EVILNESS is a more appropriate answer. All the good and right that God put in place when He created man has either already been or is in the process of being perverted by Satan. The spiritual battle taking place between God and His heavenly armies and Satan and his demons has moved so near and become so intense that humans can almost hear the battle sounds with our limited hearing. The feeling of immense anticipation is so strong that people across the globe are taking note. The Holy Spirit is directing Christians to speak out loudly to friends and family because it won’t be too much longer before the curtain that conceals the supernatural dimension is raised and all hell will literally break loose on earth. Satan is working overtime to move all humans to a global way of thinking. If everyone on earth were to be like minded then political correctness would be political mandate. How close are we to this? You tell me! Read the morning headlines…..we are nano seconds away from universal chaos on all fronts: political, financial, spiritual and physical. Only God’s great love for mankind is delaying this action. He could easily split the heavens wide open and demand that all acknowledge the truth in His thunderous voice yet He has given each one of us a choice to find Him. He has made His presence known throughout all of creation. Everything, seen and unseen, reflects His presence so that no one can claim ignorance of His existence. He has commanded that Christians go into the world and preach His gospel to every person. There should be absolutely no excuse for anyone not to believe, love and worship Almighty God…but for the pervasiveness of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

The agenda of the current White House administration is directly opposed to everything that is fundamentally right. Our founding fathers established a nation whose pursuits were life, liberty and happiness. Each day brings the uncovering of a new liberty stripped from American citizens. With rapid fire, the Constitutional Amendments are being shot into the abyss. True and genuine happiness has been replaced by temporal enjoyment of possessions. As long as the average citizen’s lifestyle is not affected, they remain lulled into passivity. Life… The lives of countless thousands American soldiers have been altered either for years or permanently and now we are being pushed into another war. When potus said we won’t be going to ground in Syria, you better know that we are already there. In spite of all of these daily occurrences, the art of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has silenced the moral majority of this great nation. It is high time that we stand up and speak boldly for Truth – in more ways than one. Shake the liberty tree with patriotic passion and don’t let anyone prevent you from pointing eyes to Jesus. We should not be policed by POLITICAL MANDATE, which is where we are quickly headed. We answer to a Higher Authority, but it’s your choice as to how you choose to use your voice. Choose wisely, because time is running out!


Not My Home


“Home Sweet Home”….”There’s No Place Like Home”….”Home is Where the Heart Is”……”Home Where I Belong”….I could go on and on.  There are so many references to home in our everyday vernacular, idioms and weaved into every fabric of our memories and plans.  Home is where we should feel safe and loved.  Many people across America grew up in the same home that they currently live in today.  Home is  different things to different people.  Home can be a brick ranch with a white picket fence, an apartment in the middle of town or a shack at the beach.  Regardless of where you live, your home is an investment.  Maybe your investment is not financial but rather an investment of time.  My home reflects me:  my personality, my likes, my hobbies and the comfort I want for my family.  I have spent hours painting, cleaning, polishing and decorating in order to create a home that I am proud to live in and show off to friends and family.  I figure that I spend about forty percent of each day at home, so why not make my home a place I feel welcome and happy?  In fact, I have lived with this motto for so long that I have spent more time decorating and loving my earthly home that I have neglected, for the most part, my investment in my heavenly home.  I would even venture to guess that I have spent more time decorating my virtual home on Pinterest than cultivating treasures for eternity.  When I examine this fact, I can view my priorities as seen from God’s perspective and it makes me sad.  I’m sure it breaks His heart.  After all, He told us in Matthew 6:19, “Stop storing up treasures for yourselves on earth, where moths and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.”  This is not an optional statement.  If you know anything about grammar, then you will recognize that this verse begins with a verb behind a subject that is an “understood you”.  Basically, Jesus said “You, stop!”  If I told my children to stop in that manner, it would be viewed as a command.  Are you following this?  God gave Moses the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament.  The “Thou Shalt Nots” are such a part of society (at least it used to be) that most of us know some or all of the Ten Commandments.  The legal parameters of America were founded on these commands.  IF we know what’s good for us, we will listen when God commands.  Here He is, in Matthew 6:19, commanding us to stop decorating our homes on earth where they will rot and can be robbed.  Instead, in the next verse He says, “Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.”

So much of my time, I say my time as I cannot speak for anyone but myself, is spent on useless things that I think are important but when put into the perspective of eternity are actually useless.  What a waste of the precious time and resources that God has given me to use for Him.  Obviously, He wants us to enjoy life or He would not have created an ocean for us to play in or sunsets for our visual delight, but He wants us to live like Jesus who had no prized possessions that eventually become idols because He was “about his Father’s business”.  Ultimately, this is not my home.   My heart is longing for my eternal home where I will live with my Father forever.  I hope I can keep this in mind as I continue on my journey.  I want to continue decorating my home…. my heavenly home.

In Matthew 19:21, Jesus told a wealthy young man who had asked Him what he needed to do in order to inherit the Kingdom of God, “sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven”.  This life will be over in the blink of an eye and before I am ready, I will be kneeling in front of the Creator of everything.  It will be my greatest honor to be able to place crowns at His feet.  “Lord, please help my focus to be on eternal treasures and to keep my eyes on You!”

It’s a Priority


Wow!  This has been a super-busy week and I have not been able to write as I had hoped.  Too many other things pushed this out of the priority list.  I know that many of my friends use an actual, written to-do list but I have a running list that I keep on a conveyor belt in my mind.  I am constantly moving tasks by priority as I complete others.  More often than not, the tasks that I think are the most important get pushed to the end of the list as something at my children’s school or some other unplanned for event needs to jump in with priority.  It’s a vicious cycle that is usually a lose-lose situation.  Most definitely, there is not much me time.  Long gone are the days of bubble baths, girl’s night out or all-day shopping fests.  These have been replaced by laundry, cooking, cleaning, car pool and the list goes on and on and on, ad nauseum.  This afternoon’s priority was to help my husband in the yard.  He jokes that he never gets any help and sadly, he’s right.  So, I determined that I would indeed help today and make a priority.  You probably can guess how this task went….wickedly HOT afternoon, mosquitoes, and overall waning enthusiasm tanked my great intentions.  I quickly became a silent observer and practice some back seat driving (mowing, in this case).  What I did get to experience though was actually quite special.  As my husband worked on trimming some straggling branches to better frame our deck view, we heard some frantic screeching.  In a flurry of red, a family of cardinals came flying at break-neck speed out of the tree and did a quick fly-by as if to order construction on their home to cease.  Not quite picking up on this hint, my husband proceeded to finish the task.  The fly-around repeated in an even louder display of earnest fear and frustration.  What was not a priority for me, quickly became a priority for a family of red birds who had previously been enjoying a quiet and leisurely day.  Isn’t funny how priorities change?  It struck me as a gentle reminder as to how parents will do anything to keep their children safe and their home secure.  I can only imagine if a wrecking ball approached the window of one of my sons, how I would be running out of the door in a hot minute to put a stop to the impending destruction.  Psalm 55:22 tells us to “cast our cares on the Lord and He will sustain us; He will never let the righteous be shaken.”  Isn’t it great to know that no matter who comes to remodel our house, shake our foundation or disrupt our serenity that we have a Father who will never let us be shaken!  The hand that created the universe is the very same hand that holds me tightly in His palm.  I am forever safe and can rest in complete peace knowing that He watches over me.  I may never get all of my priorities aligned or completed and it is quite doubtful that I will ever be much help to my husband in the yard, but it is a fact that I am a priority to my heavenly Father and He always completes what He starts!


Tuesday Traffic


You would think that Tuesday traffic would be better than Monday traffic, but you would be wrong.  My take on this theory is that drivers save their Monday frustration for Tuesday in hopes that other drivers used their road rage on Monday thus giving them the home court advantage.  Whatever the reason, Tuesday traffic is like the terrible twos.  It’s loud, annoying and frustrating.  There is some good take away from this unavoidable time slot though and for me it is the “me” time.  I have almost uninterrupted time to pick my own radio stations or to, my kids would be mortified, just listen to silence.  This morning I was distracted and ended up sitting through the same traffic light for two cycles so it gave me time to observe the pedestrians and other drivers adjacent to me.  Maybe fate orchestrated this opportunity.  I recognized my own irritation mirrored in the expression of most of the people I saw but I caught the eye of one particular man on a bicycle.  He was not like me.  His clothes were dirty, his hair uncombed, greasy and long.  He looked tired and sad and completely like someone that I would not want to sit next for any extended period of time.  This was a complete chance encounter and I doubt I will ever see him again but I believe that God allowed this scene to act out in front of me.  The radio was playing Casting Crowns and I happened to catch the lyrics to this new and unfamiliar song just at this moment.  “No one knows what we’re for only against when we judge the wounded.”  In that quick space of time, I felt as if God had singled me out to tell me that I was not like Him.  It was a needed reminder that I am no better than anyone else and have no more rights than anyone else.  I need to be reaching out instead of closing myself off.  I see a lot of smiling Christians in church but, yet, the same Christians shield their eyes and guard their hearts in a different setting.  I am ashamed to say that I frequently do the same.  My intentions are always to be reaching out but I typically fall short of those goals and stay to myself instead.

As I continue on my journey to “know” Jesus, it occurs to me that the best way to know Him is to be a friend to sinners in the same way He was – and they are everyone.  “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God,” Romans 3:23.

This was my Tuesday traffic adventure.  Share yours!

Monday, Monday!

Monday, Monday!

I love Monday mornings!  That may sound weird and maybe even masochistic, but I really LOVE my Monday mornings, that is, after the kids are off to school and my husband has left for work.  Then I can breathe.  Breathe in and take in everything around me.  I settle into a nice comfy and overstuffed chair that just happens to be by the window overlooking my flower covered back deck.  Freshly brewed cup of coffee nestled in my hand, I curl up under a blanket, next to the window and just “be”.  Most mornings, my little chipmunk neighbor crawls next to the window and chirps a good morning and then, if I am really blessed, a family of birds will start their chorus of greeting.  The sun is bright but shaded from the many trees that line our yard, sending a variety of shapes and hues across the deck and yard.   Recently, I have been visited by a white-tailed bunny, and he makes his appearance this morning as well.  My world stops and becomes still in these moments.  These rare glimpses into nature fill me with such a calming peace that can be felt but not really described.  Hopefully, you have had the occasion to feel this envelope of warmth.  I’m reminded of Psalm 19 where David writes that the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands (Psalm 19:1-3).  Lately, I have had a deep aching desire to know Jesus.  I don’t want to just know the things that He did and said 2000 years ago, although it is important to know these things.  I want to know Him, really KNOW Him.  This kind of knowing can only be obtained through letting Him become ingrained in every aspect of my heart, thoughts and life.  I sometimes let my mind wander and transport me to the dusty streets of Nazareth.  I find myself being pushed and moved by the bustling crowd lining the narrow street as they move like an ocean wave lapping the shore all the while trying to get close to the One whose voice has captured the attention of every passerby.  I long for just one glance from the Master.  I have heard that He can see into your soul with eyes so full of knowledge and compassion that you are overwhelmed.  This is the Jesus I want to know.  If I can know Him then perhaps I can be a little like Him.  So, I take this time in the morning to let Him fill my heart and mind in a few moments of peaceful silence before I start the day.  When I miss this time, I feel like the creature in the picture above.

Hopefully, you have a morning routine that takes you to that special feeling of peace.  Please share your successful mornings with me!