Are All Religions Created Equal?



I found this article alarming but yet quite revealing. As I’ve said so many times, satan is a master deceiver and manipulator. If you don’t know Jesus and have a solid understanding of the Bible AND have a close walk with Him, it’s easy to be swayed a bit at a time. In this piece, people are described as needing to feel an experience as part of their worship. Isn’t that the truth! We have become so accustomed to being entertained that a good old fashioned church service where the focus of worship is hearing the Word of God is a thing of the past. Today’s church services consist of media, drama, bands, lights, glitz and pizazz leaving 10 minutes for the message – which is most often just a team building mantra. I am most certainly not against media, drama teams, worship music, etc as long as it is an enhancer for the actual message rather than the main event. God has given us great talents and it is so special to share them together, but Christians were exhorted to meet together to encourage one another, to learn His Word and further commanded to preach His good news to all people.

“Given that much of Christian culture is the result of putting a monotheistic gloss on pagan ritual, this seems like the only way that Christianity will survive in England,” reads another quote. Why should there be a need to bring paganism into the Church? This is exactly how satan baby steps people away from the Truth. Do you think the Israelites snapped in an instant and made the golden calf to worship? They, unlike us, witnessed God in person. He led them in the desert with a pillar of fire at night and cloud by day. Miracle upon miracle was seen by all before they left Egypt as God saved them from plagues. They each – every single one of them – crossed the Red Sea on DRY land because they saw God part those waters. Good gravy Miss Masie, after witnessing all of that how, seriously – HOW – could they have turned almost overnight into people who worshipped a gold cow (made out of their own melted gold, I might add!)? I’ll tell you how. It wasn’t an overnight change. Satan plants thoughts and suggestions in the mind. Like, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all co-exist? (I hate those bumper stickers!). We all worship the same god….NOT even close! And if we all worship the same god, we should have a little sumpin-sumpin for everyone. Do you see how this works? Baby steps! There is no place for non-Christian rituals or beliefs in the Church. EVER!

Christians are to be holy, set apart as unto Christ. We are His bride and he paid a huge price to redeem us from the bondage of sin and eternal separation from Him. We are not to conform to the image of this world. Mary was a godly woman or else she would not have been chosen to be the mother of Christ, but that is all that she was. She has no power. The same goes for any past man. There is not going to be an answer from saint anyone. They are powerless humans (dead humans – although in heaven based on their belief in Jesus’ finished work on the cross) and repeating vespers or chantings about them are not going to do a thing for you. Taking communion, although commanded as a remembrance event for Christians, will not save you and is not any part of your salvation. The wine or grape juice most definitely does NOT turn in to Christ’s blood nor the wafers or crackers into His body when drunk or eaten. (Really?!!). Trees are a beautiful part of nature but they have no power to save you, although Jesus’ power was revealed when He died upon a tree and yet rose again after conquering death once and for all! The earth is absolutely a marvel when you think of how a nano inch out of orbit would allow for no life existence. The earth did not create itself though so what is the point in worshipping a planet? Animals are wonderful companions, beautiful to watch and nourishment for our bodies but there is absolutely nothing an animal could ever do to save your soul! In fact, they have no souls themselves. The Bible makes mention several times that satan is a powerful angel, described as the morning star. He is beautiful yet flawed as he tried and failed at becoming god. Why would anyone worship a failure?

There is only one true God. His name is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Yahweh, I Am, Prince of Peace! Only He is worthy of worship and praise. Only He can save your soul. He created all things past, present or future and one day every knee will bow and every tongue proclaim that He is King. It really does not matter how you worship Him as long as you worship Him in spirit and in truth. You may sing His praises, you may take communion, you may listen to spoken words but what you must not ever do is to add to what He has already finished. There is nothing more insulting to God than your rejection of His completeness. He doesn’t need you to be at church or do nice things or take communion or be baptized (one of the biggest lies that satan spreads is the false belief that you must be baptized to be saved. This is a topic for another day, but baptism is only an outward expression of your inward belief in Jesus finished work on the cross. You identify yourself as belonging to Him when you are baptized. And as this is a conscious decision that you must make for only you, infant baptism does nothing for the infant – ever. Do not be misled), and on and on….he has already done everything for you! Anything you add or take away from His saving act is nothing but the use of paganism. You might as well worship the grass outside because it’s just as powerful as any other ritual you might embrace. Did you get that? There is only power in the blood that Jesus shed for you.

Don’t be swayed or blinded by satan as he attempts to change the church into an all encompassing one world religion. There is no such thing on earth today and there won’t be until Jesus establishes His millennial kingdom where all people will worship Him.


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