For Such A Time As This


Esther 4:14

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
I love the story of Esther.  If you are not familiar with this book of the Bible, it’s the 2nd Book in the Bible that is devoted to a female main character and is only 10 chapters in length.  There is so much action in this small Book, however that it rivals any modern soap opera.  The story is set in Persia during the reign of King Ahasuerus (you may know him as King Xerxes).  Esther was orphaned at a young age when both of her parents died, so she went to live with her cousin Mordecai who raised her.  As is evident during the unfolding of the story, Mordecai fostered a love of God, Country and family in Esther.  We are also told that Esther is beautiful beyond words and finds favor wherever she goes.
So, what happens is that basically the King got mad at the Queen because she would not perform for him at a banquet in front of his friends so he banished her.  This created a dilemma though, because everyone knows that a King needs a Queen.  His advisors,  johnny on the spot, came up with a brilliant way to solve this problem and they suggested that the King hold a contest of sorts amongst the fair maidens of the land.  So, the King has the most beautiful and talented young women of the land audition for the role of Queen.  (Picture a scene from Cinderella where the mom’s all dress their daughters up to take them to the ball to meet the Prince.)  Mordecai, having heard of the King’s request, knows that there is no one more suited for the role of Queen than Esther.  So he sends Esther to the palace and, as you might have guessed, Esther pleased the King and was named Queen.
Some time goes by and Mordecai happened to hear of a plot against all of the Jews who lived in Persia.  The King’s right hand man, Haaman, did not like Mordecai (not knowing he was related to Esther) and plotted to get rid of him by exterminating all the Jews in Persia, which was Mordecai’s heritage.  Mordecai promptly takes the plot to Esther and tells her she must let the King know.  Now there’s something you need to know.  During the reign of King Ahasuerus, the Queen could not enter the presence of the King except by invitation from him under penalty of death.  Well, that presents a dilemma.  Esther knows she cannot be silent but also knows she faces death if she approaches the King.  So what now?  Esther does the first thing that every Christian should do in every circumstance.  She tells Mordecai that they must pray.  Not only that, they must fast and pray.  Long story, short….Esther approaches the King after having spent much time in prayer.  The King loves Esther and allows her to visit.  Esther exposes Haaman’s plot and the King is outraged.  The Jewish people are saved while Haaman is put death.  Everyone lives happily and Esther, because of her obedience to God and her family, receives a place in Biblical history.  The Jews still celebrate the climax of the story where their race was saved by commemorating it annually with the Feast of Purim.  Image
You really have to read this Book.  It is a powerful story on so many levels!
I give this background to relate it to the opening verse and title of this piece…”For such a time as this”.  I firmly believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  It contains everything that God wants us to know about Him and His relationship with man at this point in time.  Every story and every word have a reason to be written and they have an application to our lives today.  Sometimes you have to read a passage of Scripture many times to understand the application, but it is always made evident at exactly the time you need it.  I think the application of what can be gleaned from the Book of Esther is obvious.  What if we are like Esther?  Our country is in rising turmoil and much like the plot against the entire Jewish race in the Persian kingdom at that time, Christians are facing the beginning of a similar plot today.  Christianity is almost extinct in some countries and has been replaced by Islam in many cases and in others the religion of “self” has taken over.  America no longer follows the faith of our fathers and we see daily how the government is trying to remove God from the courthouse, schools, television, internet, and even our currency.  Can you think of any better time to speak up in defense of your faith?  Can you hear God, much like Mordecai, telling you to not be silent?  I will continue to provide current events that show the continued moral decay of our country.  Take action as you see these stories and speak up to your Senators, Congressmen, co-workers, neighbors, family and friends.
Who knows, maybe you are here, at this point in history ….. for such a time as this.

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    • I agree, Geraldine. I loved the story when I was younger and admire the woman now that I am older. There are so many applications woven into this little book in the Bible. I love it!

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