Very timely and insightful!

Joe Quatrone, Jr.

millionaireAs children of God, we are free to ask Him anything we please and once we ask, we can hope He will give us exactly what we’ve asked for. But to believe He will do something He has not promised to do is not faith; it is presumption! I fear that much of what is passed off as faith today is really presumption.

If I sent you an email inviting you to my home for dinner, I wouldn’t include such statements as, “I have perfect faith you are coming! I know you will be here! I am claiming your arrival! By faith, I am announcing to all my friends you will be here!” On the contrary, I would say things like, “I hope you can join me; I would like to have you; please check your schedule.” I would be foolish to believe you were coming until you told me…

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