From the Inside Out


Perfectly coiffed hair, matching shoes and handbag, designer clothes, artfully applied makeup, fragrant lotions and perfume……these are all ways to gift wrap the outside to make us look pretty and attractive.  If we appeared on the outside the same as we do on the inside, I bet that the descriptions might be a little different.   More than likely, mine might appear as impatient, unkind, critical of others, hateful, chaotic and harsh.  All of which are the antithesis of the fruits of the Spirit.  I spend a good deal of time hiding these unflattering attributes though so that my presentation only reflects the beauty that I want others to see.  I would be mortified if my inner thoughts were visible to others.  Often I smile while thinking someone is a complete idiot and other times it is impossible to contain all of the unkind thoughts and words that I hold at any given time.  I wish that this were not the case!  I would love to have perfect peace and an infinite amount of patience.  I truly strive to be thoughtful and loving.  My sin nature gets in the way and I allow my self-importance and personal desires to take precedence over those things that count for eternity.

“For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”  I Samuel 16:7 (ESV).  

No matter how I try to hide the things that I don’t want anyone else to see or know, there is One who see it all.  “Lord, please guard my mouth, my heart and my thoughts.  Make me a vessel that You can use!”


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