Eyes That See


One thing that has become very obvious to me, even though I am fighting it to the end, is that my eyes just can’t see well anymore.  It started with a gradual loss of distance sight and now I have to squint to see without my glasses, and I hate my glasses.  I feel old, they are uncomfortable and give me a headache.  I can find a good dozen reasons why I don’t want to wear them but the reality is that I need them and without them I cannot see.

If only it was as evident to me when I am blind in my spiritual eyesight.  This happens when I don’t use the “glasses” of God’s Word to assist my sight.  It is so obvious to me on the days that I fail to arm myself with my Spiritual glasses, albeit in hindsight, that I flounder and spend most of those days getting not much accomplished, lacking joy and generally feeling defeated.  Usually it is a result of my laziness.  I want to sleep longer so I tell myself that I will make up this missed time with God at my first opportunity and, like a broken record that repeats the same section when the crack hits the needle, I play this scenario out again and again without learning my lesson.  When I make time for God, the time that I miss out on sleep or computer time is given back to me with a double helping of additional free time to do other things that give me pleasure and enjoyment.  Tasks get accomplished faster, traffic moves freely and, in general, everything just flows much smoother.  This is God’s promise to me. “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!”, Isaiah 38:3 (NASB).  My day is destined to fail if I try to see with my own eyes.  The wisdom that I need to prosper and find favor only comes from the Source of sight!  My endeavor is to allow God to open my eyes and let me not use my own sight each morning.



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