Monday, Monday!

Monday, Monday!

I love Monday mornings!  That may sound weird and maybe even masochistic, but I really LOVE my Monday mornings, that is, after the kids are off to school and my husband has left for work.  Then I can breathe.  Breathe in and take in everything around me.  I settle into a nice comfy and overstuffed chair that just happens to be by the window overlooking my flower covered back deck.  Freshly brewed cup of coffee nestled in my hand, I curl up under a blanket, next to the window and just “be”.  Most mornings, my little chipmunk neighbor crawls next to the window and chirps a good morning and then, if I am really blessed, a family of birds will start their chorus of greeting.  The sun is bright but shaded from the many trees that line our yard, sending a variety of shapes and hues across the deck and yard.   Recently, I have been visited by a white-tailed bunny, and he makes his appearance this morning as well.  My world stops and becomes still in these moments.  These rare glimpses into nature fill me with such a calming peace that can be felt but not really described.  Hopefully, you have had the occasion to feel this envelope of warmth.  I’m reminded of Psalm 19 where David writes that the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands (Psalm 19:1-3).  Lately, I have had a deep aching desire to know Jesus.  I don’t want to just know the things that He did and said 2000 years ago, although it is important to know these things.  I want to know Him, really KNOW Him.  This kind of knowing can only be obtained through letting Him become ingrained in every aspect of my heart, thoughts and life.  I sometimes let my mind wander and transport me to the dusty streets of Nazareth.  I find myself being pushed and moved by the bustling crowd lining the narrow street as they move like an ocean wave lapping the shore all the while trying to get close to the One whose voice has captured the attention of every passerby.  I long for just one glance from the Master.  I have heard that He can see into your soul with eyes so full of knowledge and compassion that you are overwhelmed.  This is the Jesus I want to know.  If I can know Him then perhaps I can be a little like Him.  So, I take this time in the morning to let Him fill my heart and mind in a few moments of peaceful silence before I start the day.  When I miss this time, I feel like the creature in the picture above.

Hopefully, you have a morning routine that takes you to that special feeling of peace.  Please share your successful mornings with me!


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